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The experiment that will be conducted is to see whether or not that there is any connection between the sine angle of light and the power output of a solar cell. Hypothesis The hypothesis for my experiment is that the power output of a solar cell is directly proportional to the sine of the angle between the incident light and the face of the solar cell. The sine of the angle of incidence and the face of the solar cells direction ? to the power out put OR Sin ? ? Pout where ? equals angle of incidence Prediction

I predict that the results, when plotted on a graph, will show a strong positive correlation between the total power output of the solar cell that is proportional to the sine of the angle at which the light is shone at the solar cell. Variables Any Indirect light coming from another light source could affect the experiment. Wire temperature causing an increase in resistance Apparatus I will use two digital meters set on 200mA and 2mV range that will allow results to be measured to the nearest 1mA and 1mV respectively.

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Also a resistance box will be set on a resistance of 50? to try and keep the resistance level during the experiment. A standard lamp powered by mains electricity with a 60W bulb will be used as a light source. A small solar cell will be used in the experiment. Method The centre of the solar cell will always be placed 35cm away from the centre of the bulb. The resistance box and digital meter set to read the current will be placed in series with the solar cell. Whereas the digital meter set to read the voltage will be placed in parallel with the solar cell.

I will hold the solar cell in place at each angle to ensure it stays motionless which will minimise any false readings that the equipment may give. To minimise any errors I will repeat the experiment 3 times at each angle and take the appropriate readings each time. This is to increase the accuracy of the experiment. Also to reduce the risk of systematic errors I will ensure that the digital meter reading current displays 0mA when the digital meter measuring volts is reading 0mV. The results will be recorded to 3 decimal places. I will record my results in table similar to the following.

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